Sessione Jurassic Script: When One-Liners Ruled the Earth - Web Day 2024
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Jurassic Script: When One-Liners Ruled the Earth

(Fabrick S.p.a.)
Lingua: Italiano
Orario: 17:15  -  18:00

Have we forgotten how to program?
This is the question that arises after discovering the 60 chars long, but 70 million downloads per week, **isNumber** module.
On NPM you can find dozens of One-Liner modules like that, downloaded billions of times each month.
The JavaScript ecosystem has (ab)used so much of those dependencies that the success of each application build is now a matter of luck.

How we have achieved this?
Who should be blamed for this situation?
Why are we not just writing functions?

During the talk, we will try to find answers to such questions, while looking for a long term solution.

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